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Geo And Dan

Bye Buddy Sign Or Craft Kit

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Welcome home your favorite mischievous buddy with this Bye Buddy Sign! Show off your love for Buddy the Elf with this decorative narwhal sign - it's perfect for adding a bit of Christmas cheer to any room! The sky's the limit with this festive sign - get your "Bye Buddy" today! We love everything about Elf and these signs make us so happy! This sign is 8 inches long and is made from 1/4 in of maple wood. You can get this as a finished sign as pictured or as a craft kit that you can finish yourself. The craft kit comes with a baseboard that has laser engraved outlines for you to line your pieces up correctly. And all the 3D pices that you can glue however you'd like. If you get the kit please send us your pictures to so we can feature them on our instagram!